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Save a Horse, Ride a Gurly… Harder!

August 16th, 2013



Saddle up for the second round of country western burlesque!

Last summer, you all packed the house for “Save a Horse, Ride a Gurly”. We love happy (and big!) audiences, so we’ve brought this popular theme back for our Phase 1 OG friends! We’ve got a hot new lineup of Gurlies ready to ride ‘em hard and put ‘em away wet…

Bust out your boots, pack your pistols, and watch out– these Gurlies are armed with dangerous beauty and gunning to make #1 on your Wanted list.

Headlined by the darlin’ of DCGS and the DC Kings alike, Myster E

And with our sweet sugar dolls:

Our gorgeous guest, Lulu Les Belles Mirettes
DC King’s Chaser Round and the Redneck Bois
Lyndi Luxe
Samoa Coconuts
Aurora Wells
Karamel Sutra
Private Tails
Plain Jane
Anna Steasya
Lexie Starre

Hosted down-home style by Plain Jane

With our stage filly, Ruby Lipschtick

Doors at 7:30, show at 9:30

DC Gurly Show is busy this month!

July 11th, 2013

Several members are involved in Capital Fringe — Diva Darling has Mirabilia! Lexie Starre aka Lottie D’light has Burlesque Classique! Aurora Wells, Velvet Kensington, Mindi Mimosa and Pryvate Tails are in Kubrilesque!
Olive Danger and Anna Steasya as well as damn near everyone already mentioned is in What’s in the box?!

Your Fringe Button is $5 and gets you a discount on shows-but today is the last day!

Also–the DC kings show Summer Camp is this Sunday (7/14) at Phase 1 Capitol Hill–features a few Gurlies–in drag and out!

The OUR monthly gig–same place as always (Phase 1 Capitol Hill) is next Friday (7/19)! My goodness–these Gurlies are going VIRAL!

Make sure you catch as many unique shows as possible–no 2 are anything alike, or anything you’ve ever seen before!

Keep Calm and Burly On: British Invasion this Friday at Phase 1!

April 17th, 2013

British Invasion Card BYTSmack our gobs and call us guv’nor, you’ll be arse-over-tits for our April show, BRITISH INVASION! We’ll get your knickers in a twist as we doff our dainties for your delight. Whether you’re a Downton devotee, gaga for glam rock, or a BBC nerd, we’ll put the feel-ya back in your Anglophilia!

Catch us at Phase 1 Capitol Hill (525 8th Street SE) and stay for a pint and a turn on the dance floor after the show.
$10 cover ~ Doors at 7:30, show at 9:30 ~ 21+

The redcoats are coming– are you?

Starring our devastating dance hall dollies:

Special Guest Inara Echo
HRH Chaser Round of the DC Kings
Glam Gamz
Private Tails
Velvet Kensington
Aurora Wells
Diva Darling
Anna Steasya
Dainty Dandridge
Olive Danger
Mindi Mimosa
Sinful Scarlet
Jasper Hyjinx
Karamel Sutra
Lyndi Luxe

With the Lady of the house, fabulous femme-cee Velvet Kensington

And our beautiful stage birds: Myster E and Mardi Brazil, with dashing door valet Stu L’Amour

8 years later and still teasing!

February 27th, 2013

We had 3 live singers (Myster E, Diva Darling, and Kitty Victorian), 2 solo cherries popped (Vixen Dior and Karamel Sutra), 7 new act debuted (Jessabelle, Diva Darling, Vixen Dior, Mindi Mimosa, Karamel Sutra, Private Tails, Myster E, Glam Gamz), and 1 special guest–who also popped her Phase 1 DC Gurly Show cherry, Miss Kitty Victorian! Did I mention Latte Love did her first DC Gurly Show group number with Karamel Sutra and King Swing! Did I mention Lindi Luxe and King Swing did their first number EVER?

We revived a group number from the 7 year anniversary with only 3 overlaps (Myster E, Velvet Kensington and Private Tails) and 2 more bodies (Miranda Wrightz, Olive Danger, Victoria Vixen, Sinful Scarlet, Dangerass, Lindi Luxe and Diva Darling)!

We presented our new board members (Aurora Wells, Gamz and Diva-Dainty by proxy)!

That night meant so much more than you know. There is no other LGBTQIA Burlesque group who has lasted this long. NONE ANYWHERE. There also isn’t a burlesque troupe ANYWHERE that is this big!

Think we’re bluffing? Come to our next show, and we’ll show you why…

3/15, 930pm, $10, 21+, 525 8th St SE on Barracks Row in Eastern Market, WDC. Orange and Blue lines on the metro!


December 14th, 2012


What’s gorgeous, gaudy, begins with a B and ends in a reveal? Here’s a hint: Cher starred in a movie about it. You got it darlings- BURLESQUE!

Now, before all of you burly-q connoisseurs revoke my feather fans and rhinestones, I’m well aware the performance art featured in the aforementioned film was more Cabaret than Burlesque. However, I’d be remiss if I didn’t admit that it help put a word describing a nearly 400 year old industry dedicated to the admiration of the feminine form back into the mainstream minds.

Burlesque is bourgeoning and beautifully queer! Crimson Kitty, Pandora Foxx, Holly Amory and Crystal Swarovski are just a few big names. In May of 2013 Viva Valezz will produce the first annual National Queer Burlesque FestivalFIERCE— in Columbus, Ohio.

I’ve performed for audiences all over the country. But, as a femme, glitter nerd of color, I truly found my playground right here in America’s backyard with the DC Gurly Show Revue. They’re here, they’re queer, and they are a force to be reckoned with. This is likely why they’ve been featured by a host of local publications, most recently Metro Weekly and The Examiner. It’s also likely why the troupe was asked to partner with Living Social on their “Burlesque and Bourbon”dance instruction series.

Founded in 2005, DCGS doesn’t stop at traditional burlesque. To be *ahem* clear darlings, this ain’t your grandmama’s revue. With a mission built upon community, inclusion, innovation and fun, there’s little limit to what you’ll see at a Gurly Show.

“Expect all kinds of performance, from bio-queen to super classic, to cerebral, to avant-garde. Each Gurly is incredibly creative and will absolutely entertain you,” says Gurly Glam Gamz.

Gurly Anna Steasya has been part of the mainstream DC burlesque community for nearly four years. “The queer burlesque scene in DC is very open and appreciative of all genders, body types, and personalities. The portion that I am familiar with has roots in drag as well.”

Performing with the DC Kings prior to DCGS, Gurly Myster-e describes her roots: “I already belonged to a group that allowed me to explore my masculinity so I thought it would be good to have a platform to explore my feminine side. The Gurlies allowed me to show the world big is beautiful.”

So! What does DCGS say to all of you first, second, and hundredth time audience members? “Enjoy the diversity!” DCGS producer, Private Tails, and bookings manager, Velvet Kensington advise. “Get your one, twenty, fifty, and hundred dollar bills ready because we’re about to blow your mind.”

You can see the Gurlies in all of their glittering glory TONIGHT (November 16th) for PoliTITs, with special hosts, DC local band - Frankie & Betty. The show starts at 9, at Phase 1 Capital Hill. $10. Be there or be rectangular darlings!




December 2nd, 2012

Living in the capital, we’re used to getting a little politics on all our stuff—small talk, social lives, clothes, food (anyone else remember Freedom Fries?)—even when it’s not election season. It’s the cat hair of life in DC. So to celebrate our liberation from endless campaign commercials, we Gurlies turned it around on you and got some sexy on your politics with our November show, Politits. (Don’t groan. We saw you gerrymandering your district in the back row there.)

As DC’s premiere burly-q(ueer) troupe, we had a lot to celebrate this November—especially the passage of Question Six in Maryland! If you were at the show, you saw our performers giving lots of shoutouts and respect to marriage equality and social justice all night. Burlesque has deep roots in political satire and activism, so we Gurlies follow in our foremothers’ footsteps by voicing strong progressive opinions…and sometimes scrawling them on our skin! [photo of Bella displaying script on her leg]

We kicked off the night with the dashing duo of Frankie & Betty rocking out a hot set to get the party started. If you don’t know Frankie & Betty, you should!

Frankie & Betty on YouTube!

After catching a quick break, they graced the stage again as our emcees for the evening. Our lineup got off to a smokin’ start with the “Skyfall” of the licensed-to-thrill Private Tails, and included the luscious Zoe Tahari who is indeed “Every Woman” as well as the legendary legs of Glam Gamz who made the subversive anthem “This Land Is Your Land” into a sultry tease that put the woody right back in Guthrie. [Insert photo of Gamz or Myster E] Gurlie Myster E was King for the night with a passionate tribute to the soldiers of social justice by way of Keith Urban’s “For You”. Guest Gurlie Bella la Blanc revealed herself as a political pillow book—was reading ever quite so sexy before?—and second guest Gurlie Bunny Vicious gave us some secret service we’d take a bullet for in “Obama Cares”, wrapping up the show in a landslide victory for libidos everywhere.

But we didn’t stop there—for hours after the show, we mingled, steamed up the dance floor, and took shameless advantage of the photo booth set up for the night.

Were you there? Post a link to your photo booth masterpiece from that night, or comment to tell us which Gurlie you’d vote in as the leader of the free world! Missed it? Well, lucky you, you get another chance to catch up with us in a few weeks, when our “Versus” show on the 21st means we’ll be partying for the end of the world. (But just in case the Mayans were wrong, we planned a January show too!)

Remember to add us on Facebook, like us on Facebook, and Follow us on Twitter so we can keep you hot through the long cold winter! We are the DC Gurly Show, and we approved this message.

So Sexy, We Raised the Dead!

October 24th, 2012

We wrapped up National Hispanic Heritage Month (Sept. 15-Oct. 15) by rocking our faces off at our El Dia de los Muertos show at Phase 1 on October 12th. But the skulls they revealed were sugar-sweet!

Backstage, our dressing room was glitter-crusted chaos as we packed in all the brand-new Gurlies who danced that night in three separate group numbers (mark our upcoming shows on your calendar so you don’t miss some delectable debuts!) as well as many of the dancers you know and long for. Somehow, we all emerged from a cloud of feathers, flowers, fake lashes, stockings, and sparkles ready to be the most gorgeous ghouls in town.

Our lineup ranged from Halloween/horror-themed fare at once sexy and creepy, like Anna Steasya’s blood-drenched slasher seduction  or guest King Chaser Round’s thrillingly evil stranger showing bound-up Gurlie Dawn Smiley what he’d do “If I was your boyfriend…”, to numbers reflecting the colorfully grim whimsy of the Mexican celebration. Guest Gurlie Dolly Longlegs paid clever tribute to the tradition of adorning skulls with flowers in the eye sockets in her sly calavera dance, and MysterE portrayed a widow whose remembrance of her late spouse becomes utterly erotic. Private Tails brought the grand finale with a graceful, spooky group number as a dreamer caught up with spirits of the dead, in a dark ballet-influenced scene that would have fit right into Fantasia.

Hosted with sweetness and sass (almost wrote “ass”—that too!) by Zoe Tahari and Sugar Cane, the audience got in on the fun with a contest to find out how many pieces of candy Zoe had hidden in her bra (nine). Later, three lucky volunteers got to paint the faces of three of the night’s abundant stage kittens. (Seriously, there’s a LOT of new Gurlies on tap for you to enjoy!)

Missed it? Get a taste of that sugar: [insert link to or embedded video trailer PT made]

Were you there? Thank you—we love you for it! So tell us, what was your favorite number? And did you get any candy that night—literal or otherwise?

This Friday!! El Dia de Los Muertos!

October 10th, 2012

El Dia de Los Muertos is the day of the dead celebration. It’s purpose is to honor the spirits of those who have passed.
Our show is not like that. We just like the make up.
Although there will be some honor paid to those who have passed on, there will also be badass make up, fierce pasties, masks, skulls, murder and many many kittens of allll colors.

This is how the DC Gurly Show is celebrating Halloween in 2012!

Come out this Friday! 5 solos, 3 group numbers, Chaser Round and Dolly Longlegs! 21+, $10, 930pm. 525 8th st SE at Phase 1.


Two months is too long!

June 27th, 2012

Tonight is the DC Gurly Show’s monthly member admin meeting!

We will be discussing:
I. Bookings
June 29 @RP Glitterlust
July 20 @ Phase Red White Boobs
August 16-19 @ Queerpocalypse
August 17-19 @ Femme Conference
August 24 @ Phase Save a horse
September 21 @ Phase PHASEFEST
September 28 @ Phase (theme)
October 12/26 @ Phase (theme)

II. Meetings
June 30 @ ECAC workshop
July 25 @ ?
August 22 @ ?
September 19 @ ?? New Member
September 26 @ ?
September 29 @ ECAC Workshop
October 24 @ ?

III. Fundraisers
Loyalty cards/Punch cards
Membership Cards
Car wash (July, August, Sept)
–Fairfax, DC, Silver Spring

IV. Team Building
Cameron Run waterpark

V. Other Business
future themes
Gay day @ Kings Dominion 9/8

Gearing up for Murder…

April 20th, 2012

It’s a 2 in 1!

The DC Gurly Show presents a SECOND show this April on 4/29 at 8pm at Phase 1 Capitol Hill!

This show comes as a bonus to the real reason you should go– the Murder Mystery Party complete with commemorative photos, food and our brand new window clings!

Tickets are now only available from any DCGS member through WEDNESDAY–after that–you will be able to get one at the door, but the prime roles will DEFINITELY be gone… As we’re already low…

See you at the Show!


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