DC Gurly Show

So, You Wanna Join the DC Gurly Show?

We are an all-volunteer troupe that has been titillating audiences since February 2005.

To join the DC Gurly Show, you must fulfill the following criteria:
•have an interest in burlesque.
•be comfortable in GLBTQA spaces.
•be prepared to take ownership of the troupe–work AND play.

The next orientation will be in March 2014 at a location TBD at 8pm. Make sure you Like our Facebook page so that you’ll get the Facebook event invite as soon as it’s published!

New Members: The first step
New members must attend this new member meeting and learn about the rules and regulations of the troupe. New member meetings are offered twice a year in March and September.

New Members: To step it up
You need to sign the Code of Conduct and photo release, attend a DCGS administrative meeting (2nd Wednesdays from 8-10 PM, location varies), sign up at the administrative meeting to stage-, VIP-, or door kitten for a show (New Member kitten duty is unpaid), join the DCGS listserve, and pick a stage name. (Make sure you research your stage name and ensure that it’s not already being used by another performer *anywhere*, to the best of your knowledge. Usually Googling “[your stage name] burlesque” will help you find out.) New members can also join our private Facebook group, which is not a requirement, but is a great place to socialize with the troupe online.

After you’ve completed those items, congratulations! You’re an ApprenTit.


ApprenTits: The next step
ApprenTits must present their acts at a peer review session prior to performing. You are authorized to book one of the 2 ApprenTit slots per each show. You will be paid $25 per solo performance. You may also sign up to go into Host Training (although you cannot apply to be a femme-cee until you’ve “graduated” to full Gurly-hood). You may also perform in Gurly group numbers! Should a new member not be available to kitten a show, an ApprenTit (or Gurly) may kitten for a flat fee of $25. You must also choose a mentor from among the Gurlies within two months of joining; if you haven’t chosen one, or are having trouble making your choice, the New Member Liaison will either help you choose or will match you up with a “big sister”.

ApprenTits: To remain at this level
You may only perform once in any show, including group numbers. You must also attend monthly administrative meetings (contact the Producer or Bookings Manager if you have a conflict with a meeting). All members must assist the Marketing team for 2 shows per year (Marketing Manager calls for volunteers at the admin meetings during bookings), and ApprenTits must complete their first year’s requirement during their apprenticeship.

ApprenTits: To step it up
Submit an application to dcgurlyshow@gmail.com, listing dates/shows that you kittened, performed in a group, performed solo, and attended meetings; provide your mentor’s name; provide months that you assisted with marketing; attach a professional-quality promotional photo (not a selfie or snapshot!), and describe why you feel you’re ready to become a full Gurly. Present a number at performance quality (with all props and costuming) in front of the promotions board.

After presenting that number, congratulations! You’re a full Gurly and we’ll announce you as such at your next show!

So now what?


Gurlies: What you get
Gurlies may book 1 of 5 Gurly slots available per Phase show, get paid $40 per act, may book multiple performances per show (as space allows), and have preference to DCGS group festival submissions. Only Gurlies may book Big Hunt shows (2 acts, any theme, $40 per act) except in very limited special circumstances. Should a new member not be available to kitten a show, a Gurly (or ApprenTit) may kitten for a flat fee of $25. You may also apply to be a femme-cee and/or headliner. In the event of a Gurly being equally as qualified as a non-Gurly—preference will always go to the Gurly. A MAJOR perk of being a Gurly is that you may apply for a DCGS Sponsorship as outlined below.

Gurlies: To remain at this level
Gurlies must mentor at least 1 ApprenTit per year and you must attend at least 3 peer reviews per year to help new members. Must attend at least one admin meeting every 3 months. Must assist the Marketing team for 2 shows per year–arrange this with Marketing Manager.


Headliners: The perks!
You get paid $100 per show, perform 2 acts, and you will be featured on the flyer for that month.


DC Gurly Show Sponsorships for Festivals
You may use your awarded funds toward travel, lodging, costuming, props, etc to festivals. Be specific in your application about your intent. As a “thank you” for your sponsorship, you will debut the DC Gurly Show sponsored number at a DC Gurly Show. Funds are available for up to $300 and are awarded at the discretion of the DC Gurly Show Executive Board. Performers who receive a sponsorship are required to include in their bio/introduction that they are sponsored by and representing DCGS, for example, “Fernanda Yum is proud to be attending this festival on behalf of and sponsored by the DC Gurly Show, DC’s only queer, and longest-running, burlesque troupe”.


Complete the contact form for more information or to RSVP for an upcoming new member meeting!

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