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The Gurlies

The DC Gurly Show is a troupe that is dedicated to the Art of the Tease, Community, Glitz and Glam. We have been titillating audiences every month since February 16, 2005 at Chaos, which was located at 17th St NW and Q St NW in Dupont Circle, Washington, DC.

Our Producer is Miss Private Tails AKA Lady RoRo. She has been a member of the DC Gurly Show since August 2005, and made the jump from member to Producer. This change has only been in place Officially, since January 26, 2011, but actually February 23, 2011. Private Tails has a history in Dance and Theatre, and uses that experience to create elements of the show that the crowd is not expecting.

Private Tails, as the producer, attributes a lot of her success to the Executive Board with whom she works: Assistant Producer and Treasurer Myster E and Bookings Manager Aurora Wells.

;PT Cave Love

The Gurlies include:
Private Tails (2005)
Velvet Kensington (2006)
Zoe Tahari (2007)
Felon Whoreness (2008)
Anna Steasya (2009)
Jasper Hyjinx (2009)
Plain Jane
Lady RoRo (2010)
Myster E (2011)
Jessabelle (2011)
Lexie Starre (2011)
Sugar Cane (2011)
Dawn McSmiley (Summer 2012)
Aurora Wells (Fall 2012)
Diva Darling (Fall 2012)
Vixen Dior (Fall 2012)
Olive Danger (Fall 2012)
Karamel Sutra (Fall 2012)
Mindi Mimosa (Fall 2012)

We hope to see you at our upcoming shows which are listed HERE.

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